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Sergey Lyass M.D.
Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Dr. Bondarev is an excellent therapist with amazing skills. I was very impressed by my progress and want to thank dr Bondarev. I would recommend dr. Bondarev to anyone who wants fast and complete recovery after traumatic unity. Read more..

Mary Newcomb
Teacher, LAUSD

I would like to tell everyone about the wonders in healing I have experience with Dr. Anatoly Bondarev. Dr. Bondarev brings with him not only Chiropractic training from the U.S., but also traditional techniques used in Europe for generations. These techniques stand him apart from other chiropractors in the States. Read more..

Frozen Shoulder

What is a frozen shoulder?

Another name is adhesive capsulitis, which implies the presence of the joint adhesions (practically scar tissue), that severely restrict a joint’s range of motion. It actually causes a shrinkage of the joint capsule.

Now, can I help you with a real frozen shoulder? The answer is, absolutely not.


The question is whether it really is a frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is, for the most part, diagnosed based on a solely severe restriction of shoulder range of motion. My 25+years of experience tells me that dx ”Frozen shoulder” in itself means nothing. A severely restricted shoulder range of motion does not mean there is a presence of scar tissue inside of the joint, which is the primary characteristic of the frozen shoulder. There could be a number of other reasons for restricted range of motion in all directions, including long limited use, post-trauma, post-fracture stiffening of the joint, problems with the rotator cuff, problems with the acromio-clavicular joint etc. Do these conditions constitute a frozen shoulder? Absolutely not, the mentioned conditions usually respond well to manual therapy as long as it is performed “lege artis”.

I estimate that frozen shoulder is overdiagnozed in a good 60-70% of the cases. Real frozen shoulder can be confirmed by arthrography and in that case there is nothing I can do for you, but usually that is not the case.

Unfortunately dx frozen shoulder is most often confirmed by the failure of so-called “physical therapy”, (ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, rough exercises etc.) that is very secondary in the management of shoulder conditions and for the most part is pretty much a bunch of nonsense. The results are sad. People go through unnecessary manipulation under anesthesia, arthroscopic surgeries with all associated risks (breaking the arm bone etc.), based on a fact that”conservative therapy” did not work.

If the dx of frozen shoulder is false, these mentioned above procedures in any ways would not resolve a problem.

That is the situation with the frozen shoulder in a nutshell.

So, think. Think hard.