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Sergey Lyass M.D.
Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Dr. Bondarev is an excellent therapist with amazing skills. I was very impressed by my progress and want to thank dr Bondarev. I would recommend dr. Bondarev to anyone who wants fast and complete recovery after traumatic unity. Read more..

Mary Newcomb
Teacher, LAUSD

I would like to tell everyone about the wonders in healing I have experience with Dr. Anatoly Bondarev. Dr. Bondarev brings with him not only Chiropractic training from the U.S., but also traditional techniques used in Europe for generations. These techniques stand him apart from other chiropractors in the States. Read more..

Fracture Complications

There are many fracture complications: vascular injuries, visceral injuries, wound infections, fat embolism, etc.

Strictly speaking it is the entire orthopedic world and has nothing to do with my profession. The logical question is what am I doing here?

The answer is – joint stiffness. This is one of the most common complications after post-fracture immobilization, and one of the most debilitating.

Again and again we encounter the same problem with so-called “physical therapy”.  As soon as the cast is removed there is orthopedic command-exercise.  And again the vast majority of physical therapists start torturing patients with exercise program without properly addressing the surrounding joints. The result is – micro traumas to the over exercised muscles with subsequent developing of the scar tissue and inevitable stiffening of the joint in a few months.

The condition is still correctable in the majority of the cases [obviously if no severe muscle contracture has been developed], but the patient should be lucky enough to find a proper specialist, who knows what is going on and is trained in proper work with a joint.  Unfortunately, many patients remain with a limited range of motion to the rest of their lives, with all the consequences associated with this condition.