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Sergey Lyass M.D.
Cedars-Sinai Hospital

Dr. Bondarev is an excellent therapist with amazing skills. I was very impressed by my progress and want to thank dr Bondarev. I would recommend dr. Bondarev to anyone who wants fast and complete recovery after traumatic unity. Read more..

Mary Newcomb
Teacher, LAUSD

I would like to tell everyone about the wonders in healing I have experience with Dr. Anatoly Bondarev. Dr. Bondarev brings with him not only Chiropractic training from the U.S., but also traditional techniques used in Europe for generations. These techniques stand him apart from other chiropractors in the States. Read more..


Clinics Specialize in:

Failed orthopedic and/or neurological management of the spine
and joint problems
Failed epidural injections
Failed physical therapy

If you suffer from spine and /or joint problem and are satisfied with the results of your treatment – this website is not for you.


What would you do with a fireman who came to your house to fight  fire, but instead disabled your screaming fire alarm and left? Never thought of it?

When you suffer from spinal or joint problems and your doctor gives you pain killers, cortizone shots, epidural injections, etc.., you get exactly what I described above: the fire is still there, but your fire alarm (pain) is turned off.

Now! The question is:  Do you need pain control pills or shots of a different kind?  The answer is – absolutely yes!

This is the XXI century. There is no need to put up with severe pain. But, could these procedures be considered as a treatment of the problem? Absolutely not! Then, what is the real treatment of this problem?

Manual therapy – This is the one and only method that restores normal function of the spine or the joints, which reverses the process of degeneration and leads to self-recovery of the spine or the joints. It has been used for over 4000 years. I consider it to be trustworthy. The old wife’s tale that osteoarthritis has no cure IS A LIE! Remember that!



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